Hairy Desert Scorpion

Wild Status:

Least Concern


Sonoran desert, South western America



The desert hairy scorpion, is the largest scorpion in North America.

Its large size allows it to feed easily on other scorpions and a variety of other prey, including lizards and snakes.

This is an aggressive and active scorpion, which, as with all scorpions, is nocturnal.


Like all scorpions, the giant desert hairy scorpion gives birth to live young, which remain on the mother's back for a week or more before leaving.

Although this scorpion is big, its venom is not very potent, and its sting is commonly perceived to be about as painful as a honeybee's sting. However, an allergic reaction to its venom can be fatal; symptoms can include difficulty breathing, excessive swelling, and prolonged pain.

Scientific Name:

Hadrurus arizonensis