Schools and Groups

Educational Visits

We offer schools and groups an exclusive package:

Half an hour to an hours talk followed with hands-on encounters with animals.

There are four talks to choose from:

  • Lifecycles

  • Mini-Beasts

  • Conservation

  • Rainforest


The animals we use for handling include Snakes, Lizards and Mini-Beasts. Different talks involve different animals.

Teachers are welcome on a pre- trip visit.

We also offer visits to other groups such as scouts, brownies, nurseries and nursing homes, and tailor the visit to suit your needs.


Please contact us to arrange your visit.

Caring for our Future

The Jungle Zoo is a permanent exhibition of exotic animals and a centre for rescued and endangered species.

Educational trips allow us to reach the next generation of conservation minded youngsters. We find that children are motivated to learn when their imagination is stimulated and their curiosity is aroused through interaction with the subject.


With our blend of interactive, hands-on experience, they're having so much fun that work becomes play.


Your trip will be tailored to the age group and any curriculum requirements you may have.