Senegal Parrot

Wild Status:

Least Concern

Scientific Name:

Poicephalus senegalus


Western Africa


The Senegal Parrot (Poicephalus senegalus) is a Poicephalus parrot which is a resident breeder across a wide range of west Africa. It makes migrations within west Africa, according to the availability of the fruit, seeds and blossoms which make up its diet. It is considered a farm pest in Africa, often feeding on maize or millet.



Senegal Parrots are birds of open woodland and savanna. With the exception of the Ring-Necked Parakeet, the Senegal is the only parrot inhabitant of the savanna woodlands and forest mossaic of West Africa. It is a gregarious species, continuously chattering with a range of whistling and squawking calls. Senegal Parrots live an average of approximately 25-30 years in the wild, and have been known to live for 50 years in captivity.

Because of its vast range in Africa, the wild Senegal Parrot population is difficult to estimate.[1] Nevertheless, in 1981 concerns about extensive trapping of wild parrots for the pet trade lead to it being listed on appendix 2 of The Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), along with all parrot species.[1] This has made the trade, import and export of all wild caught parrots illegal.