Vinegaroon Scorpion

Wild Status:

Least Concern

Scientific Name:

Uropygi sp


Vinegaroons are found in the warmer latitudes of North America, throughout Central and South America, as well as subtropical and tropical Asia. A single species is also found in Africa.



Vinegaroons are entirely nocturnal. They are exclusively carnivorous, and feed primarily upon other insects.

While vinegaroons have a scorpion-like body shape, with their flat, extended abdomens and spiky, clawed pedipalps they are not closely related to scorpions at all.


As far as we can tell, they are most closely related to things like spiders.


Vinegaroons have no venom glands, but they have glands near the rear of their abdomen that can spray a combination of acetic acid and caprylic acid when they are disturbed. The acetic acid gives this spray a vinegar-like smell, giving rise to the common name vinegaroon.